You’ve Gotta be 2000 Places at Once

Posted on Apr 18, 2012 in Inspiration

When the moon is positioned in my favour, my birthday aligns with the Easter weekend. The celebration feels longer and getting old feels less daunting because I’m eating sweets and going places. The passing of another year, my own year, is a more profound reflection than New Years could be.

Saturday was a good start for a revived outlook. It started with a stroll through Queen Elizabeth Park where the florals looked oversaturated and plump. This bright, summer feeling complimented the evening’s activity to see The Polyphonic Spree.

Dawning white robes with coloured trims and a large heart appliqued on the chest, The Polyphonic Spree can melt the coldest of hearts. They barely fit Venue’s stageĀ  even though it appeared that half of their choral symphonic orchestra were not present.

There were three back-up singers that swished their locks in unison, a forest green trombone and the keyboardist looked exactly like my favourite T-Bird from Grease (Doody). Lead singer, Tim Delaughter would constantly perch close to us bopping folk and his blaring optimism was contagious. I’ve heard they were good live. I’ve heard they exude this brilliant aura of rainbowed, sparkling joy when they perform. And this is so very true.

The experience was euphoric. When they played a cover of Pinball Wizard, I flipped out. I need to harness this unrivaled optimism and place it in a jar to be released on those glum days.

You’ve gotta be good/ You’ve gotta be strong/ You’ve gotta be 2000 places at once

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