Tsk tsk, lazy artist.

Posted on Aug 20, 2009 in Rhythm of Production

I’m slapping my wrists for not having posted in over two months. This summer of productivity has lapsed into a season of lost days… a path oh too familiar. I’m trying to make amends with my mental capacities and commence forth. I’m going to blame my partial absence on my month long escapade to the UK and Ireland where I unplugged myself from my responsibilities and my attachment to my computer. The month departure welcomed new inspirations and discoveries that will hopefully elevate my work in due time. I wish I was among those quilted green fields at this very moment.

Once I gather my thoughts more cohesively, I’ll post more crafty makings. For now, here are some paper-cut creatures I developed for the windows at work. I feel like I should give them names.







Along with the paper-cutting, I also sewed the speech bubbles, each letter hand cut and carefully stitched in place. Hanging those fabric bubbles was ever so satisfying. The windows have been revamped several times after this initial creation.

Soon after,  more pupil-less animals joined our ambiguous canine and scarfed bunny. They’re arms in salute mode in order to yield fact sheets. I’m not really sure why these guys are naked as opposed to their predecessors, but they have accessories!

paper friends


  1. lapetitechouette
    August 20, 2009

    NICOLE. I am sorry, but your vast talent and artistic skills means we can no longer be friends. It was inevitable.

    • hibernationalist
      August 20, 2009

      Aww, Gem! I miss you too!


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