Summer owl says, hellooo.

Posted on Aug 20, 2009 in Rhythm of Production

Cornelia is the my smallest lantern with the fastest turn-around (completed in three days) to have participated in the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. I made her upon my return from London with the intention of making a small lantern. Huge emphasis on the scale because of last year’s wolf which was perhaps 4x the size of this gal.  I dedicated more time to the papering aspect, which paid off quite well. I was going for a Ukrainian feel, but according to some Folkfesters it looks Westcoast inspired and possibly Japanese. Hmm.


I attempted to bring her to the Illuminaries at Trout Lake only to be drowned out by rain and a magnadoodle of lightning. Cornelia had to be plastic sacked for fear of her paper feathers becoming soggy. However, the evening was a gorgeous orange spread across into grey punctuated with sudden squiggles of light and cracks of thunder. Nature at its most astonishing.



  1. lapetitechouette
    August 20, 2009

    SERIOUSLY, Nicole. Your beautiful owl lantern is killing me.


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