PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER | security | comfort | withdrawal

Depression can simultaneously feel like unravelling, loose ends and firm constriction. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER in a long stretch of fabric that adapts to these elusive states by allowing the user to decide how it should be worn. Each variation of wear empowers the user to choose how they want to present themselves and express their current condition. For a more subtle expression, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER (A LITTLE BIT) speaks softer and acts as a reminder that healing takes time.

The Head. Vs. Heart: Objects for the Depressed Lifestyle is a series of objects about depression. The purpose of this project is encourage an open discourse about depression by giving transparency to normally invisible symptoms, thereby promoting a better understanding of the condition and dispelling associated stigma.


BDES grad project for Emily Carr University, 2013.

PHOTOS: Eric Tong Photography
MAKE-UP: LennieĀ  Ede
MODEL: Cori Davidson




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