HIDE YOUR FEELINGS | vulnerability | catharsis | protection

Recognizing the need for self-preservation, HIDE YOUR FEELINGS speaks to the vulnerability of the depressed individual and how they choose to protect or share their experiences. Messages (or secrets, confessions, etc) are inserted into the form and the individual must decide how it will exist: as a reminder for reflection, to be forgotten and buried, or shared with a loved one. In order to retrieve the contents, the individual must be thoughtful in their choice because of the irreversible nature of breaking the form.

The Head. Vs. Heart: Objects for the Depressed Lifestyle is a series of objects about depression. The purpose of this project is encourage an open discourse about depression by giving transparency to normally invisible symptoms, thereby promoting a better understanding of the condition and dispelling associated stigma.


BDES grad project for Emily Carr University, 2013.

PHOTOS: Eric Tong Photography
MAKE-UP: LennieĀ  Ede
MODEL: Cori Davidson





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