DON’T BE A SAD SACK | confusion | burden | unpredictability

There is an unbearable burden harboured by those who suffer from depression. DON’T BE A SAD SACK is a depiction of this weight carried and the conflicting emotions in tandem. It is a drawstring bag that can be accessed through the top and bottom where the functionality is intentionally confusing and frustrating for use. The bag is also embedded with lead weights as means of exaggerating the futility. The hard close of the faux luxe vinyl allows the possibility for things to fall out, to become lost or leave a trail behind.

The Head. Vs. Heart: Objects for the Depressed Lifestyle is a series of objects about depression. The purpose of this project is encourage an open discourse about depression by giving transparency to normally invisible symptoms, thereby promoting a better understanding of the condition and dispelling associated stigma.


BDES grad project for Emily Carr University, 2013.

PHOTOS: Eric Tong Photography
MAKE-UP: LennieĀ  Ede
MODEL: Cori Davidson




dontbeasadsack4 dontbeasadsack5


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