CHIN UP BUTTERCUP | strength | fatigue | deception

Those who are depressed often mask their inner pain by appearing perfectly composed. CHIN UP, BUTTERCUP provides this deception by disguising the functionality of a neck brace as a common accessory. The interior is a molded leather piece to provide strength and structure which juxtaposes the familiarity of the soft knit exterior. The ease of use allows a seamless veneer and eliminates the physical exertion needed to participate in everyday life.

The Head. Vs. Heart: Objects for the Depressed Lifestyle is a series of objects about depression. The purpose of this project is encourage an open discourse about depression by giving transparency to normally invisible symptoms, thereby promoting a better understanding of the condition and dispelling associated stigma.


BDES grad project for Emily Carr University, 2013.

PHOTOS: Eric Tong Photography
MAKE-UP: LennieĀ  Ede
MODEL: Cori Davidson





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