When my sister or I didn’t finish our dinner, we were punished by sitting at the top of the basement stairs with our food and could not leave until it was finished. To encourage a clean bowl, my mother would say “a dirty bowl means your husband will have a dirty face”. I would often close the door to sit in the dark as an act of rebellion. This artifact captures how memories of spaces can be dictated by rules, but not necessarily contained by them.

Some Version is an act and process of remembering. Exploring the concepts in the Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard allowed me to contextualize how I experience and recall meaningful spaces. This inspired me to make a collection of artifacts to celebrate the topophilia resonated by my childhood home, as what Bachelard describes as “the corner of the world…our first universe”. Each object evokes the narratives associated with the memory of different spaces in the house and intends to manifest the immensity one feels upon reminiscing, reflecting, and re-enacting. This is a very personal exploration of a place of significant meaning that now exists only in memory.


Personal Project,  August 2015

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