Pants Off Dance Off: A History

Posted on Mar 22, 2012 in Rhythm of Production

I can’t quite recall the origins of Pants Off Dance Off, but I do recall my manfriend yelling it at his bromantic partner one evening in Gastown. They would both undo their belts in a hasty fashion, but that’s as far as it got. I liked that it rhymed and I like the immediacy. This spawned the need for an event to dance without pants.

The first Pants Off Dance Off was last summer when not wearing pants made more sense. There was a hula skirt, many skirts and shorts, underwear of all kinds and most notably, someone wore a diaper. It was a goodbye party, to my former roomfriend who would leave for adventures in China, and also the last party at 2495.

Although it’s the wake of Spring and the nights are still brisk, my birthday and my current roomfriend’s birthday can be celebrated no better way

Like Valentine’s cards, I miss giving out card-in-envelope invitations. This poster is a recognition of my longing sentiment.

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